Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Hands-Free Sensor White 1000ml with UK Plug.

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Touch Free Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.


Suitable for soap or anti bacterial gel


Smart sensor.


1000 ml capacity.


Battery operated.


Option for 1 or 2 sprays.


Made with high quality ABS plastic.


UK plug option included.


Wall or stand mounted.


Can be attached to the hand sanitizer stand.

A must have item for your home or business, the Automatic Dispenser can be placed at the entrance of your premises, or in the kitchen or bathroom, easy to open and refill, 1000ml capacity so you wont have to constantly refill.

Automatic dispenser has a 1 or 2 spray option, touch free and avoids wastage, save money on hand sanitizer liquid.

Automatic Dispenser is compatible with 75% Alcohol content gel and foam.

1 year Warranty.

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