Cleaning And Hygiene Products

Intelibee Chemicals Products include:
Disinfectant Wet Wipes

Alcohol Free Disinfecting Wipes, 70% Alcohol Wipes

Hand Sanitising

Alcohol Hand Gel, Instant Foam Hand Sanitiser

Disposable Dust Masks/Respirators

3M and Valmy
Protective Gloves Reusable and Disposable

Nitrile gloves, Vinyl gloves, Latex gloves
Disposable Protective Clothing

Coveralls, Aprons, Overshoes, Mobcaps

Industrial Wipes

Welding Wipes 90% Alcohol Wipes, Industrial Degreaser Wipes, Lint Free Wiper, Polishing ClothsCleaning Cloths, Cotton Wipes, 
Janitorial/Cleaning Supplies

High quality concentrated cleaning solutions for professional use.
Food Area Cleaning

Cleaning Solutions developed for use in areas where food is processed or prepared.
Floor Care

Lemon Floor Gel, Safety Floor Cleaner, Floor Paint, Low Foam Cleaner
Hard Surface Cleaning

All Round Cleaners and Specialised Cleaners 
Industrial Degreasing

Water based and solvent based
Odour Control

Odel Range of concentrated odour control products, Aerosols, Marken bulk solutions.
Automotive Care

Polishing cloths, screen wash, deicer
Polythene Waste Bags

Black bin bags, standard to extra strong.
Skin Health and Hygiene

Cleansers and Protective creams, Deb, GOJO, PURELL
Wiper and Washroom Paper

Toilet paper, paper hand towels, roller towel, centre feed paper roll, hygiene roll