Biodegradable Food Packaging Solutions

Biodegradable Packaging Solutions

InteliPack Packaging provides simple and cost effective biodegradable packaging solutions for food and beverage service.  We offer eco-friendly alternatives to traditional products designed to improve the environmental impacts of the hospitality and food service industries.

Our products and services are designed to help our customers benefit from the competitive advantage switching to compostable packaging provides.  This includes benefits like boosting your business's image and community involvement through the improved environmental outcomes and participation in the circular economy.  When utilised in your marketing this creates many powerful incentives for repeat and return customers and valuable word of mouth referrals.

In more practical terms our competitive pricing can assist with cost reduction paired with speedy and cheap delivery options make it easier to run your business with confidence in your suppliers and supply chain.

InteliPack Packaging have a large selection of biodegradable and compostable packaging options for all hospitality and takeaway food/beverage businesses. Visit our Food Packaging Solutions page to view the full list of products and product categories available for your business. 

Biodegradable cups for hot coffee in single wall or double wall as well as clear or paper cold cups for juice or smoothie service in a variety of size and series options.  Compostable cup carry trays to allow easy use of transporting multiple drinks or coffees.

Takeaway containers in all shapes and sizes to provide your customers with attractive and user friendly packaging for their takeaway orders. Paired with all the necessary accessories like wooden or bioplastic cutlery, napkins, sauce containers and paper carry bags.

BioPlastic bin liners, fresh produce trays, bulk toilet paper, food handling gloves  and even beer ring holders round out the ever growing range to help ensure as many needs are covered with a single supplier.