About us

Our Mission and Values.

Delivering beautiful designs, from an idea to reality.

In the beginning... it all starts with a dream, often from a spark of creative thinking and problem solving concepts are created which shape our future, then the magic begins...at Intelibee our team of design specialists and technology experts develop and craft an idea from the drawing room, for a useful and effective end product for your brand.

We believe that the combination of creative minds and commercial experience give us the insights to make ideas possible.

Luxury Bed Linen & Towels

With over 30 years of experience in supplying linen and towels to the hotel industry, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, spas, health and leisure clubs, offering a vast range of goods including bath linen, bed linen, kitchen linen and table linen.

Whether you require bed sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, pillows, duvets, tablecloths, linen napkins, table runners, hotel towels, bathrobes, kitchen cloths or restaurant aprons, we have the fastest turnaround times and the highest quality.

Our attention to detail allows us to customize to your own specifications as well as provide you with a cost effective solution.

For more information on our range and how we can supply your business feel free to call us on 0141 7394736.

It if you prefer to email us on sales@intelibee.co.uk.